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Safari Jungle Las Vegas Slots


Welcome to the Safari Jungle Las Vegas Slots Experience!NEWLY UPDATED IN JUNE 2016
Where we have the biggest jackpots, and best bonus games!
Experience the best slot machine themes including Lion Safari Slots, Snake Jungle Slots, Monkey Rainforest Slots, and other animals too such as Turtles, Wild Horses, Elephants, Wild Savannah Dogs, and Outback Exotic Cats.
Featuring: Safari Slots Bonus Games Jungle Slots Huge Jackpots Enjoy the rich HD Graphics: you won´t believe your eyes! Astonishingly Good Payouts Fast Mega Wins will pop up and increase your chances Unlock new themes and greater payouts!
Las Vegas Slot machine Themes Include:
Two different King Of The Jungle Lion Slots ThemesTwo different Slithering Snake Rainforest Slots ThemesElephant Stampede Safari Slots ThemeSavannah Wild Dog Slots ThemeRainforest Canopy Monkey Swinging Slots ThemeOutback Exotic Cats Slots ThemeAmazon River Turtle ThemeAnd the BEST Safari Zoo Slots Theme Around!
Come check out what everyone is going wild about and take your chance to hit the biggest jackpots and wildest bonus games around!